With more than a decade worth experience in the music and entertainment industry, Mart-Marie definitely has the adequate understanding and know-how to assist you in every part of the music business. She was involved with Maranatha Record Company (one of the big Christian record labels in SA), CopyCare Africa (the largest Christian publishing company in SA) and Merchant Music for more than 10 years.

During these years she was involved in every imaginable phase of CD/DVD recordings; from the initiation process, selecting repertoire, cover designs, marketing to event planning and launches. Her main focus for most of the time was copyrights and publishing; which includes the legal aspects concerning licensing, artist contracts and songwriter agreements.

Even though she is still very involved in the Christian music industry, that is not her only focus. Mart-Marie is currently the owner of the fast growing music publishing house; NewTunes Publishing – which is also the platform for the NewTunes Song Library.

In 2008, Mart-Marie released her first book called; ‘Ek wil 'n CD opneem. Wat Nou?’ The book explains the basics of the industry for instance; What kind of royalties are payable?, What are the differences between NORM, SARRAL and SAMRO? and much more. In 2009 she did a three-month series on Radio Pulpit, based on the contents of the book. The new updated English version of this book; ‘When Music is your business’ is now available.

Her work experience goes beyond only the music industry, for she worked and traveled with Everland Productions in 2009, producing the KykNet program ‘Stofpad Langs’. While traveling from Cape Town to Pretoria over three months, she acted as the production secretary and PR. Back in Pretoria her duties comprised of editing and writing voice-overs for the series. In the beginning of 2010, she moved to Oudthoorn for a season where she worked as the logistics administrator for the Absa KKNK.

Mart-Marie currently lives and work in Stellenbosch, where she focus her time on music publishing, writing and developing local films.





Apart from for the music related books; ‘Ek wil 'n CD opneem. Wat Nou?' and the English version ‘When Music is your Business', Mart-Marie has passion for writing life-giving materials.

A few years ago, she was a co-worker in two Carpe Diem releases called ‘Epos van God’ and ‘Nog epos van God’. These daily devotionals were targeted towards single woman and Mart-Marie wrote 17 devotions between the two books. Over the past year, she wrote more than 50 personal-experience blogs called ‘Welkom in my wêreld (WIMW)’. This hobby-like blog is regularly emailed to more than 100 people and gets posted on Facebook, creating a unique WIMW community.

In 2010, Mart-Marie wrote her third, but first Christian, book called; ‘Op reis met God’. This is a devotional type book with 40 journeys traveling through the Word of God. In some of the journeys she use her own life and travel experiences as starting point but the journeys are mostly based on the truth of the Word. Every journey invites you into a closer relationship with God and the journeys touch on themes like self love, who is God, who is Jesus, what is prayer, what does the word says about forgiveness, who is the Holy Spirit and various other topics. 'Op reis met God' is still unpublished.






(This is Regardt van den Bergh and myself working in 'Klein Karoo' near Oudtshoorn - April 2012)


I’m Mart-Marie.

My life is centered on Jesus Christ, build on the Word of God and directed by the Holy Spirit.
Everything else; is optional.

I hate driving, but I love traveling.
I see the world through the eyes of writer and the memories are written on my heart (and on a backup DVD's).
I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.
I want to discover new things, new sounds – and with that; change the world.
Darkness makes me uneasy, but light and truth gives me hope and peace.
Faith; real walk-on-the-water-faith, is the essence of who I am.

I’m just me - a woman with big dreams, untamable passion, a bit of life-experience and a little knowledge about the music & film industry.

I believe in dreams; ‘when dreams come true, there is life and joy’ (Pro 13:12)

Let me help you to reach your music dreams ...